Maximizing Small Bathrooms

Remodelling a small bathroom can be challenging, but rewarding if you get it right. As daunting as it may initially seem, there are a number of tried-and-tested optical “tricks” that work time and again.

Bigger is better

It may sound counter-intuitive, but larger floor and wall tiles make the space seem larger versus using a smaller tile. Diagonal lines also draw the eye to the edges of room and extend the room, so diamond shapes and checkerboards work well. The bathroom below makes use of both an over-sized metro wall tile and large floor tiles to create diagonal lines, both of which make the space feel bigger. The black and white creates interest and echoes a classic look.

The whole floor, and nothing but the floor…

Being able to see the entire bathroom floor creates the illusion of the bathroom being bigger than it may actually be. And this is not difficult to achieve: use floating toilets, vanities and storage units instead of ones that touch the floor to create a sense of space.

Uninterrupted view

Frameless shower glass and, even more effectively, walk-in doorless showers create a feeling of spaciousness as there is no visual hinderance all the way to the walls vs a boxed-in shower enclosure.This bathroom is less than 3m x 2m yet it appears larger by using some visual “tricks” - frameless, walk-in shower; floating basin and toilet; horizontal stripes to elongate the room width; white walls and floor throughout.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

The use of mirrors is an easy and effective space-creating trick. Mirrors not only reflect light but also make walls “disappear”, especially if large mirrors are used, especially important for a bathroom like this one, which has no windows.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Lighting is an essential element. Poor lighting can make a smaller space appear dark and pokey - especially if there is little or no natural light. Combine with an effective use of mirrors to reflect light, to make a small space appear much larger and lighter.

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